Pearls of Wisdom Caption Contest

We were so happy with your responses to our caption challenges that we’ve got another one in store for you! Take a look at this lovely image by Beth Conklin, photographer and digital artist. What does this stunning artwork bring to mind? Comment below, and we’ll choose a winner at random to receive a copy of the newest issue of Artful Blogging!

Photograph by Beth Conklin

 [This giveaway has ended.]
*Contest open to residents of the U.S. only. Entries accepted until 11/15/12 at 11:59pm. Winner announced 11/16/12.Update: the winner is Deena C! We will be in contact with you in regards to your prize. Congratulations!


Posted: Monday, November 5th, 2012 @ 9:24 am
Categories: Contests and Giveaways.
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141 Responses to “Pearls of Wisdom Caption Contest”

  1. StacySix says:

    “Sail on, silver girl; bathed in moonlight and pearls.”

  2. Melody Wright says:

    She was packed and ready to move into her beautiful life!

  3. AnnieG says:

    “I promise not to mention Christmas until after Thanksgiving.”

  4. Leslie says:

    Yes, I live in a dungeon and dress in old bedspreads, but I still have my pearls!

  5. Pam Rayburn says:

    Proving again, that she will do anything for love….

  6. Shannon Loy says:

    “Oh great pearls of wisdom, tell me what lies ahead of me on life’s new journey.”

  7. “Have pearls, will travel.”

  8. Samantha says:

    114,115,116…yes, that is all of them. I feel complete once again.

  9. “Pearls of wisdom guide me on a mystical journey beyond time and place.”

  10. Diane Dainis says:

    “Should I go or should I stay?”

  11. Boo says:

    Beautiful is beautiful no matter the environment

  12. She knew life would never lead her back here again.

  13. Rima St.John says:

    “Beauty Amongst Decay”

  14. Krystal Wolf says:

    The girl that is driving me mad is going away~She’s got a Ticket to Ride/The Beatles

  15. Elizabeth S says:

    She may not have much, but she always looked chic no matter what!

  16. Kitty says:

    Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.
    Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.

    ~ Mary Jean Irion ~

  17. Sue G says:

    Wherever life finds me, let it be in the quest to always strive to reach a higher goal.

  18. Beverly W says:

    Maybe I should have made a reservation!

  19. Rebecca Tilinski says:

    Beholder sees the beauty;
    Beholdee is the beauty:
    Beholding is the Art.

  20. Dee says:

    Not exactly where we thought we’d end up is it my precious pearls?

  21. Debbie G says:

    Waiting to be picked up!

  22. Debbie G says:

    I don’t think this is the room I saw in the brochure.

  23. Debbie Yerian says:

    One more strand and I am ready for the new Downton Abbey!

  24. Ms Linda C says:

    Bags packed and my beautiful pearls I hold and see
    will release from the dungeon I live.

  25. Barbara Milton says:

    Wisdom is more becoming viewed At distance than at hand….

    Emily Dickinson

  26. shelley in big sky says:

    great pearl of worth…i’m packed and awaiting to be transported in the boxcar of my destiny…

  27. Patti L says:

    “Take me, Take me now!”

  28. just waiting for the moment when Opportunity arrives, she is ready

  29. Sheila Rodriguez says:

    I WOULD travel but I haven’t a thing to wear…except these marvelous pearls!

  30. Barbara @madreminutes says:

    I may shovel manure by day only to wear my pearls at night.

  31. Susie Cross says:

    I’m out of here!

  32. Becky Green says:

    “As long as I have you my pretties!”

  33. Carolyn Coyle says:

    “all dressed up and nowhere to go!”

  34. shirley says:

    Just another candid shot in the subway . . .

  35. Tisa at Seattle Retro says:

    “Baby,those airline luggage fees are KILLING me!”

  36. terry says:

    “Please, please let me out!” she begged. “I must meet him in Paris and I don’t want the pearls. I only want him!”

  37. Sue Ossenberg says:

    “I’m taking my jewelry with me, when I go.”

  38. Lynn says:

    They say that Diamonds are a Girls best friend but for me its my Pearls.

  39. tina says:

    Nobody knows why she packed her trunk… a few old things
    And is gone….

    from Gone by Carl Sandburg

  40. I should have paid the duty taxes at the Bangkok airport instead of sneaking in my pearls!

    (written as I sit in the Bangkok airport with bags of lose pearls in my suitcase : ) )

  41. dorylyn thomas says:

    …and she will never know they are gone.

  42. Cyndi Cesare says:

    “Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue”

  43. Marilyn says:

    Take me away. I’m carrying no baggage.

  44. JoniG says:

    Pearls are luxury enough!

  45. Karen W says:

    Finding that she had cast pearls before swine, she decided it was time to move on.

  46. Jackie says:

    Should I pack the pearls or wear them?

  47. Jannifer says:

    She was really what was in Al Capone’s treasure and Geraldo still has her in her box.

  48. Jeanne Kelly says:

    knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me….
    twice on the pipes, if the answer is no….

  49. Edith Davis says:

    With just one glance these pearls speak the history of my life. They announce who I am, my confidence, my station in life, my family history, my security and my constant optimism. These pearls touch my heart. They give me a warm smile. They give me a tender tear. They define me.

  50. Sue Morris says:

    “As we travel through this lifetime,
    may we always strive to find,
    that rare and simple beauty
    in the treasures of our minds.”

  51. Madeline Rains says:

    Breaking free of her baggage filled mind would not be easy, but Pearl was ready for a more spacious view.

  52. Sally-Jo Goldstein says:

    PLEASE don’t lose my luggage!

  53. julie m says:

    so what if i am locked in a dungeon. i still have my pearls.

  54. judy h. says:

    I’ll travel anywhere, just as long as I have my pearls.

  55. Joan VanCourt says:

    “And he thinks these pearls will keep me here?”

  56. rush says:

    mazie came into the relationship with samsonite. she will leave it with pearls.

  57. Bonnie Kurz says:

    Class transcends everything.

  58. Peggy Sellers says:

    …counting the pearls…he loves me…he loves me not…

  59. Monica Yother says:

    I love this quote!

  60. Judy Harris says:

    Escape. Moving on to making her dreams come true.

  61. Sandy says:

    Traveling “light”…

  62. Ella says:

    Go collect life’s pearls.
    some tarnished,
    some shiny,
    some chipped n’ dull
    string your memories
    like molecular stars

  63. Prisjo says:

    Could I have loved you even more than these?

  64. Yvette Shoemaker says:

    May the road I travel fill my soul with pearls of wisdom and beauty seen only with the eyes of my heart.

  65. Micki says:


    That is the first thing that popped into my head.

  66. sindysue says:

    you are too beautiful to throw before the swine

  67. Carol B says:

    All a girl needs to look fabulous is a great hair do and some pearls!

    Carol B

  68. Tammy coveney says:

    The cost of freedom can be painful ,but to live it is essential .

  69. We were made for one another, you and I. My porcelain skin and your moonlit fascination that I hold tightly in prayer.

    Dewdrops from heaven, what mysteries dost thou hide beneath thy lustrous veil?

    Your answer comes softly, like the breathings of a rosary. “O’ wandering gypsy bride, escape this dungeon but travel light. Solitary dove, leave behind all your burdens and take wing tonight. The poet once said ‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may’, but petals are too easily crushed. Wisdom’s sister, stay close to me, and you shall gather the dew of a thousand dreams and reverie.”

  70. Carolyn Dietrich says:

    She never goes anywhere without her pearls.

  71. Gypsea says:

    You gave me grief, he gives me pearls.

  72. Sue Young says:

    When she was good, she was very, very good
    … But when she was bad, she got pearls

  73. Laura says:

    “To be free, she had to first lay down the lovely pearls that bound her.”

  74. Nan says:

    Joyless circumstances can sometimes make us feel boxed in, however, there is always beauty to be found in the simple things as we move forward on our life journey.

  75. Phyllis says:

    Rumpelstiltskin has found the miller’s daughter locked away in a dungeon instead of a tower. Instead of straw, she was provided with hemp, which spins into pearls instead of gold. Will the king marry her or kill her? Stay tuned.

  76. Carol Mullett says:

    It’s not where you go…it’s what you carry with you.

  77. Sherrie says:

    I’ll always have Paris, my pearls and my memories!

  78. Karen says:

    If he thinks he’s getting these, too, he’s crazier than I thought!

  79. Socrates says:

    Daaaarling, you can keep the pearls. I’m still leaving you!

  80. Sandra says:

    I lift my vibration,Knowing the world brings my desire to me. Happy, happy….!

  81. Lorrie Stone says:

    Trapped in the remains of memories past

  82. Candy says:

    “..mmm…lovely. But it’s cold out today and I will wear the long scarf instead, thank you.” –Isadora Duncan

  83. Tomme says:

    “Lord may I enter thru the Pearly Gate of Heaven.”

  84. I don’t go ANYWHERE without my good luck charms.

  85. Ruth says:

    She’s gone too far
    She’s lost the sun
    She’s come undone.
    (Guess Who – Lyrics)

  86. Kimberly Wells says:

    My faith in God is sincere; he will protect me as long as I’m here. These string of pearls give me strength…strength to survive because he is near.

  87. Oh, Why didn’t I accept John’s invitation to Paris! Now, all I’ll ever have is his gift of these pearls!!

  88. Suzan Kandlbinder says:

    Preparing to pack for the Orient Express she wonders where to hide her rare pearls given by the Russian Czar

  89. Sandi Terry says:

    “Set Me Free Why Don’t Ya Babe!”

  90. Victoria Frantz says:

    “Farewell my precious darlings,perhaps we shall meet again on the other side”.

  91. Tracy says:

    In her mind, she traveled the world.

  92. Cyndi says:

    Don’t lock me in, I’ll give you my pearls!
    Meanwhile I’ll play Shadow Art with them till I hear from you darling! I am waiting!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  93. Stand beside her, and guide her
    Thru the night with a light from above.

  94. Theresa Rubletz says:

    alas, the time has come to trade auntie’s pearls for freedom.

  95. jab says:

    My bags are packed and I’m ready to go….thank you..but..?

  96. Iris Rounds says:

    “Along life’s journey, I’ve picked up many pearls of wisdom.”

  97. Lyneen says:

    No matter what happens in life, I still have my imagination!

  98. Iris Rounds says:

    “In my own little corner of the world … I find beauty.”

  99. Iris Rounds says:

    “I only had time to grab a suitcase and my most prized possession.”

  100. janis says:

    From Bags to Riches

  101. Anny P says:

    My Bling……..won’t leave home without it.

  102. Lois White says:

    Pearls of Wisdom –

    My baggage may have trapped me.
    They were only oyster shells compared to the pearls that were still within them.
    I must break free from the pearls that still keep me captured with their beauty of the box I find myself in.

  103. Molly Chaucer says:

    “I promised Him I would return someday. What the hell, I guess now is as good a time as any.”

  104. Stephanie says:

    Been looking for love in all the wrong places…

  105. Shari says:

    Stolen moments with treasured memories….

  106. Jane Hixson says:

    “Beauty can not be diminished by circumstance”

  107. lori aguirre says:

    roaring 20’s and the sexy independent women of that era

  108. diane says:

    OH PEARLS !!!!! What have I gotten myself
    into this time !!!!

  109. Jane Rhoades says:

    I wish he had sent a first class ticket!

  110. Stacy says:

    Beauty and the Box.

  111. Barbara Manley says:

    Alas…my shimmering beauties….

  112. Susan says:

    from rags
    … to riches!

  113. Susan says:

    Forget the luggage…
    I’ll take the pearls

  114. Jocelyn Lofton says:

    I cherish myself. No one will tear me to pieces. I shall never cast my pearls before swine.

  115. DebbieK says:

    On my journey I only need my precious pearls!

  116. Carol West says:

    Her pearl of wisdom was that being prepared and thinking outside the box would get her wherever she chose to go.

  117. Susan Ringo says:

    Oh, my pearls, what have we done?

  118. Margarete Naperski says:

    How about…

    “Maybe I should have traded my beads for a bigger room!!!!”


    “Homeless girl next door looking for wealthy mate – bags packed. Will trade jewelry for plane ticket.”

  119. No matter where I travel or where I am, my pearls bring me such contentment.

  120. Cheri says:

    The Juxtaposition of Vintage Grunge

  121. Jessica Napolitano says:

    If my father could give up his kingdom for a horse, I guess I can give up my pearls for first class.

  122. My beautiful string of pearls are all that I’ll be taking with me. They are enough, they complete me.

  123. Karen says:

    Searching for wisdom.

  124. Laura says:

    Blue moon…kissed only by starlight…awaiting the one…lonely plight

  125. Robin Burgeson says:

    Traveling on the cheap, but I have my pearls to keep me warm

  126. She knew she was neither another piece of luggage nor another piece of jewelry.

  127. Pam Drapala says:

    “Darling Husband, you know that I can never own to much jewelry!”

  128. Janis Graham says:

    I’m so enamored of my lovely pearls that I don’t realize I’m going nowhere and I am oblivious to my stark prison walls – a cell of my own making.

  129. Lynne Green says:

    Awaiting her groom, Miss Havisham found herself locked in time, frozen with grief.

  130. rush says:

    seraphina: a true rags to riches story

  131. Illusion is such a comfort.

  132. Linda Smiggen says:

    Alone with my thoughts; was the pain of the trip really worth these pearls?

  133. Terri Francis says:

    Calgon, take me away…….

  134. Terri G. says:

    I will never leave you…

  135. Kaye says:

    “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
    Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

  136. Shar Carnes says:

    Now that I have my pearls, all I need is a good man to carry my suitcases.

  137. Sharon Pike says:

    Have pearls, will travel

  138. Gabrielle Quinn says:

    You can buy a girl samsonite and pearls, but you can’t make her think…outside the box.


    She would not let herself think outside the box so there she stayed carrying a lot of baggage and pearls but no wisdom.

  139. Deena C. says:

    In that moment of your deepest, darkest uncertainty, focus on the true beauty of life…it will light your way!

  140. aks says:

    every pearl has its oyster

  141. Melanie Butler says:

    I am so cold but at least I have my pearls and luggage.

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We were so happy with your responses to our caption challenges that we’ve got another one in store for you! Take a look at this lovely image by Beth Conklin, photographer and digital artist. What does this stunning artwork bring to mind? Comment below, and we’ll choose a winner at random to receive a copy of the newest issue of Artful Blogging!

Photograph by Beth Conklin

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*Contest open to residents of the U.S. only. Entries accepted until 11/15/12 at 11:59pm. Winner announced 11/16/12.Update: the winner is Deena C! We will be in contact with you in regards to your prize. Congratulations!