Chatty Cathies Caption Contest + Giveaway

Did you hear?

Oh, heaven’s to Betsy!

Well, I do declare.

We’re up to no good.

Do these four finely dressed ladies seem familiar? Perhaps they mirror your close group of friends, or remind you of the lovely ladies in your family? Give this photo a caption and we’ll choose one winner at random to receive the current issue of Artful Blogging!*

Artwork by Abby Bastedo from Artful Blogging Spring 2012

[This giveaway has ended.]

*Contest is open to residents of the U.S. only.

Posted: Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 @ 11:06 am
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90 Responses to “Chatty Cathies Caption Contest + Giveaway”

  1. Krystal Wolf says:

    Ankle length is so last year!

  2. Elizabeth S says:

    The cougars are out and ready to pounce!

  3. Rani says:

    Sex in the City has nothin’ on us!

  4. Lin says:

    “I dreamed I out-styled all the ladies in my Maidenform bra.”

  5. Samantha says:

    What these lovely ladies are thinking…From Right to Left:

    After she told me she was going to wear blue, Martha goes and wears plaid today! Well as soon as she isn’t paying attention, I am going to yank that diamond hair piece off her pretty little head!

    Blanch! Can’t you see I am holding your glove! Look at me! Look at me!!

    If Joan doesn’t stop giving me the evil eye, Oh so help me! Yeah, I see you Joan- It’s called peripheral vision!

    Oh Gosh! My bloomers are really riding up!

  6. cindy shull says:

    she wore what? oh, no she didn’t! OMG, OMG, OMG, shut up, no way! yes way! shut up, shut up, shut up! OMG!!!!

  7. Tisa at Seattle Retro says:

    Oh Honey, a little glitz never hurt anybody!

  8. Dotti C says:

    …and as soon as we refresh our lipstick we are going to wax our driveways!

  9. Lissa says:

    “Do you want to know a secret.”

  10. Joan VanCourt says:

    Hmm, I wonder which one of us he is eying.

  11. pattisj says:

    We’re wearing our SuperHero costumes under these disguises.

  12. Betsy says:

    We “simply” had a fantastic day!

  13. Teddee Grace says:

    Hose, heels, hats and gloves. All ready to make dinner!

  14. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh… where has the floor gone? We are floating up, up, up… my feet aren’t touching the ground any more!!!

  15. Marilyn Curttright says:

    All dressed up and no where to go.

  16. Laura says:

    The original Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, circa 1950.

  17. Sheila Rodriguez says:

    Diamonds and pearls are always correct!

  18. Madeline Rains says:

    Excuse me? I couldn’t hear you Cathy, Barbara or Gladys as this belt has squeezed my stomach into my ear canal.…breathe…but at least I look good.

  19. Jackie says:

    No inhibitions, make no conditions

    Get a little outta line

    I ain’t gonna act politically correct

    I only wanna have a good time


  20. jani-b says:

    Meow. Get her a bowl of cream.

  21. “How about lunch before we hit the mall?”

  22. ava g says:

    CoCo Chantel # 4
    ava g

  23. Jeanne Kelly says:

    I don’t know who invented high heels, but we women owe him a lot.

  24. rush says:

    donna (the woman in the smart beige suite) wore a hat. behind her back, audrey, cathy and mitsy converse: does this mean that donna is having a bad-hair day? [snicker, snicker] it’s too bad donna, wearing the pencil skirted dress, wishes she could kick the trio in the shins.

  25. Donna Larson says:

    Mrs. Cleaver…Eat your heart out!

  26. inkybru says:

    It’s shocking, isn’t it!
    I can’t believe you forgot the invitation!
    Well, they won’t let us in without it!
    Oh, pooey! And I wanted to have a peek at the new
    refrigerators with a freezer compartment on top before my mother-in-law!

  27. Becky Green says:

    (giggle-giggle!) Why are you wearing that silly tierra? This is a fashion show, not a beauty contest!(said the lady with the feather in her hair) Well, I don’t know Marge, (Marge is the lady with the feather in her hair) I’d like to think it’s about beauty! (said the lady with the flower in her hair) Quit bickering girls, they’re watching!!! Do your pose!!!! Remember what we practiced? (said the lady with the hat)

  28. Jerry says:

    Styling Ladies

  29. Barb says:

    Girls! For goodness sake … he’s married!

  30. Carolyn Williams says:

    What? The bridge club was cancelled. Let’s shop!

  31. Yvette Shoemaker says:

    Will we ever consider ourselves equals or will we forever be locked into comparing ourselves with one another?

  32. Debby says:

    “Let us be elegant or die! –Amy”
    ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

  33. Marva says:

    C’mon girls! I’ve got a fistful of cash and I’m ready to spend it!!!

  34. Susanne Elson says:

    Now hold still, they’re carving our stamp!

  35. The Hot Flash Sisters model their new dresses

  36. julie m says:

    The Spice Girls are so yesterday. We are the IT girls now.

  37. Jessica Beare says:

    I do believe,she isn’t wearing stockings.

  38. Karen W says:

    Even with these curvy figures, we’re all feeling a little flat for some reason.

  39. Annna M says:

    Betty’s Bridge Club

  40. CindyK says:

    “Lets do lunch ladies”

  41. NWFlamingo says:

    Don’t believe anything you hear here …they embellish everything!

  42. Gigi says:

    Well ladies, this is an historic event, they will be talking about us for years to come.

  43. Suzanne Wingfield says:

    I have the smallest waist of all!

  44. Danielle says:

    Said one paper doll to another –
    “Why do I never have anything to wear? I NEED MORE CLOTHES!”

  45. Jan Johnson says:

    I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, ever let you forget you’re a man!

  46. JoAnn says:

    “Over here boys”

  47. Are we ready girls . . .

  48. Sandra says:

    Life is beautiful. Dress accordingly.

  49. Kristy Tyra says:

    I can’t believe we all bought the same dress!

  50. LaWana Whitley says:

    Y’alll, I think they must be southern girls and they are sayin….

    a good southern girl wouldn’t do that!!!!!
    I know some how do……
    what will her mama say??????
    Bless her heart!!!!

  51. I do believe we’re in Vogue!

  52. My, My Boys. You haven’t seen anything yet! tfs Tami

  53. Margo says:

    Seriously! Could we BE any more amazing?!

  54. Angela Gue says:

    Welcome to the Kitten Heel Club!

  55. Wendy Fahnestock says:

    How long do we have to hold these fake smiles and poses?

  56. Rose Palpa says:

    Oh my, what fun! This line of lovely ladies must be here for more creative & craft Stampington magazine contributions.

  57. Rose Palpa says:

    “Sisters, we rock this art!”

  58. Alice says:

    Girls, did you hear about Madge? She did not pass the white glove test. Disgraceful.
    How about a martini?

  59. Susan Kramer says:

    Second Paper Doll Singing … “I’m gonna buy a Paper Doll that I can call my own
    A doll that other fellows cannot steal And then the flirty, flirty guys with their flirty, flirty eyes Will have to flirt with dollies that are REAL …” (Stressing the word REAL.)
    First Paper Doll: “Go on girl, finish the song!”
    Third Paper Doll: “What? We’re not REAL?”
    Fourth Paper Doll: “No wonder I’m dressed like I am … blue is definitely not my color!”

  60. Terry G says:

    “please take the picture so we can get of these girdles!”

  61. Mary Jo says:

    Princess Di has nothing on us!

  62. PUFF says:

    “Girls, It’s not gossip it is pertinent information.”

  63. Stacey C. says:

    … The prim foursome smelt of brine and sea air, yet no one in town suspected a thing… Oh, the old biddies at church will squabble and squawk, but no one of importance had any idea.
    Any idea about the ladies, any idea about the stars… and the stars were finally right.


  64. PUFF says:

    It had to be a man who invented the bra, corsettes and high heals. Everything that makes us look good and is soooo uncomfortable.

  65. Sally says:

    Fashion Forward Mavens Predict Higher Hemlines Unlikely For the Coming Decades

  66. KimberlyRae says:

    ‘And she said, he said..’!

  67. Abby says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my paper dolls in such a fun way….I’ve had so much fun reading the creative captions!

    xo, Abby

  68. Debbie Stalford says:

    Thriller Anyone?

  69. A tiara! Really, she should be reading my style blog!

  70. All of you may be featured in Belle Armoire…but I made the cover!

  71. Jennifer H says:

    Why I do believe that is Henry standing over there, He makes my heart go pitter pat.

  72. Linda says:

    Oh my! Is that your husband coming out of the Hotel??

  73. Peggy Stork says:

    Now, aren’t we just “the cat’s pajamas”?

  74. Nan says:

    Aren’t we just precious ladies as we rock these vintage outfits created with ideas from Altered Couture and Belle Armoire.

  75. Julie says:

    Ok girls – put on your “pretend we are real” faces….

  76. Susan says:

    pick a little, talk a little,
    pick a little, talk a little,
    cheep, cheep, cheep,
    talk a lot, pick a little more.
    -The Music Man

  77. Pamela Urban says:

    “Oh dear, I heard that mini-skirts are on the way. Good thing we have sewing machines!”

  78. Jasmine says:

    You look Fab!

  79. Jasmine says:

    Strike a Pose and Vogue!

  80. Jasmine says:

    Darlings, we look faboules!

  81. Jasmine says:

    Watch out world the girls are out tonight!

  82. Sheila Earhart says:

    Hats and white gloves required, Darling!

  83. Barbara Randolph says:

    accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

  84. The fashion show was a success! These frocks are divine!

  85. Kym LaFontaine says:

    La-Te Da Boyz….your on your own

  86. Lizbeth says:

    Did you hear about Linda? She served lime jello salad with marshmallows for breakfast!

  87. Kim says:

    Where in the world did you get that dress?
    Ooo it’s so tight.
    You don’t look like us.

  88. Carol b says:

    “Ready to let loose, girls”!
    Carol b

  89. Connie M says:

    A good Set of heels and a drop dead body is all you need to get thru.

Jordan Artwork SubmissionsContests and Giveaways

Did you hear?

Oh, heaven’s to Betsy!

Well, I do declare.

We’re up to no good.

Do these four finely dressed ladies seem familiar? Perhaps they mirror your close group of friends, or remind you of the lovely ladies in your family? Give this photo a caption and we’ll choose one winner at random to receive the current issue of Artful Blogging!*

Artwork by Abby Bastedo from Artful Blogging Spring 2012

[This giveaway has ended.]

*Contest is open to residents of the U.S. only.