Blog Giveaway: Journey to Win Julie Nutting Designs

Artful Blogging 2014

Whether you have discovered a new sense of freedom as you art journal or you’re still waiting to pick up the paint brush, we want to know what your greatest creative adventure has been thus far or what it will be in 2014.

Comment below and we’ll randomly pick one winner to receive a package of twelve Julie Nutting Chipboard Designs to help you on your next creative adventure.

[This giveaway has ended.]

Julie Nutting blog

Julie Nutting chipboard designs are perfect to use in paper crafting projects, add to your art journal, or adhere in beautiful greeting cards.


 Artwork by Mary Wangerin, Artful Blogging 2014
 *Contest open to residents of the U.S. only and expires December 30th, 2013


Posted: Monday, November 25th, 2013 @ 12:32 pm
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96 Responses to “Blog Giveaway: Journey to Win Julie Nutting Designs”

  1. Jamie Vowell says:

    I have been a fan of Julie’s for years. This would be wonderful to receive! Jamie V

  2. Marlene Hamel says:

    My current journal is nearly full so when it’s time to begin a new one,I want to do more artwork in it. Julie’s designs would be really fun to use.Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  3. Ella says:

    My greatest creative adventure so far…making poetic art inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poetry. I read about this woman, “The Myth” and discovered many gifts in the process.

    For 2014-My rosebud fingertips may lead me to a great adventure-one can dream!

    Thank you for the chance to win Julie’s designs. I have wanted to play with her concept-she is so talented!

  4. Barbara says:

    Chipboard is a favorite creative must have for me. It can pull a piece together in no time!

  5. Debbie Turner says:

    My first grandchild is due early 2014. My goal is to journal his/her first year.

  6. April Lopez says:

    I’ve started but due to illness I haven’t done anything for a while. Hoping that 2014 will bring a change in that.

  7. Renee Zarate says:

    I’m a big fan of Julie’s girls, they are throughout my art journals, on tags, on cards, you name it! This would be so much fun to win.

  8. Helen Nelson says:

    This year I discovered Julie Nutting’s doll stamps. So far I have 8 of them. I absolutely adore them and I’m now working on Smash/Art journals for my 7and 5 year old grand-neices. I’m stamping several of each of the dolls on copic quality card stock. I also stamped and will do more stamps of just the clothes stamped on patterned papers for paper peicing some of the clothes if they want to do that. I’ll bind their books with my cinch or BIA when I’m done. I can’t wait to present these books to the girls and perhaps work on the first projects with them.

  9. Rochelle says:

    I have some Julie Nutting’s tags and just placed an order for a new template for her dolls. I am so looking forward to playing with the new product.

  10. Becky Craig says:

    I’m hoping to venture more into the fine arts (abstract acrylic painting on canvas) in 2014, also incorporating this element into my art journaling and scrapbooking.

  11. Vicki says:

    I have been having a ball with. Julie’ s girls . I love making tags and the girls are perfect for tags. 4th of July cards/tags along Halloween , birthday and so much more. I find I just want to my art with Julie’s girls.

  12. Teri McFarlan says:

    Love Julie’s girls, have her book, Collage it! Plan to incorporate more painting on fabric to add to my journals : )

  13. Susu says:

    I’ve been wanting to start an art journal, just not really sure how to get started. I have always loved crafting and have recently begun painting. I used to love to sketch when I was younger, but just never seem to find the time any more. Now I got lots of time! I am wheelchair/sofa bound for the next 4 months (post surgery). Guess I’ll get started.

  14. Tisha says:

    I just found your site.. New to journaling and am just now getting together all my paints, markers and such.. Love your site .. will be looking forward to tips, just now learning whimsy girls. Can’t wait!

  15. Saskia says:

    My adventure will be next year. For the past years my designteam membership took up all my creating time so I finally took the decision to quit. Now I will indulge in learning all sorts of new techniques in drawing, encaustic, zentangle, painting and whatever I feel like!
    Thanks for this awesome give away.

  16. Christine piazza says:

    I incorporated Julie doll stamps into a fabric art journal and fell in love with the layers and texture. Next years journals I plan to continue to incorporate fabric into my journals.

  17. Jill J says:

    I love Julie Nutting…thanks for the chance to win. I have several of her doll stamps and have had such fun making cards for all the women in my life. Reminds me of paper dolls when I was a child!

  18. Thanks for the chance to win, I love Julie’s designs!

  19. Nicole Maki says:

    My greatest art adventure has been trying to move from making my art somewhat literal to more figurative and expressive. I have a LONG way to go but I’m excited to be trying. Sometimes that’s the hardest step. Here’s a link to a photo of a recent attempt:

    Julie’s book Collage Couture is one of my crafting bibles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Not so much my greatest adventure, rather my greatest creative epiphany. I had a huge breakthrough when I allowed to think of myself as a creative artist even though I cannot draw. I have always lamented my lack of hand-eye coordination. By the time I was in the 6th grade art class was a dreaded time bc I was ashamed of my inability. Especially since my sister was such a good artist; she painted an entire mural in oils on our dining room wall that remains there 35 years later and after the home has changed owners several times. After many years of crafting with the art work of others, i.e. rubber stamps, and well into my 50s, I have finally found and acknowledged the creative artist within. Thank you Julie Nutting,and many others who share their art so we may find our own creative spirit. It is as though a weight has lifted and given me a new sense of freedom.

  21. Rea says:

    These would be so wonderful to win, I just love Julie’s designs. Thanks for the chance.

  22. Joni M says:

    I started an art journal this year! I love it! So far I’ve been journaling my everyday life, thoughts, and feelings. Next year I’m looking forward to taking my art journal on our trip to Peru! I’m excited to capture Peru through my eyes instead of the eye of a camera.
    I love Julie’s girls! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  23. Victoria Sturdevant says:

    I love Julie’s style! Thanks for a chance to win.

  24. Nancy Johnston says:

    I’d LOVE to win a set of these! Chipboard gives everything a little more pop, and they’re adorable. Thank you.

  25. Denise Nawrot says:

    I just love and adore Julie’s style of art…reminds me of my younger years! It would be a total thrill for me to win these pieces for my art work…

  26. Dena Jardin says:

    Love this look, love that the chipboard pieces can act as prompts of inspiration as well. Winning would be a great beginning to Christmas.

  27. Stephanie says:

    What great designs!

  28. Jackie says:

    My greatest creative adventure thus far has been learning the art of Zentangle and using it in my art journal.

  29. Becky J says:

    :) My journal needs some spine expansion…I find journaling to be so therapeutic and a form of thanksgiving and perspective and even prayer. Thank you for the giveaway! My girls and I LOVE your magazines and books..they are getting some for Christmas and they will be soooo excited!! A joyous Thanksgiving to you!

  30. I love Julie Nutting’s work and have her book, “Collage Coutoure.” She is truly an inspirational artist. Blessings!

  31. Angela G says:

    I would love to win a set of Julie Nutting’s chipboard designs. She inspires so much creativity.

  32. Karen W says:

    I’m into my second art journal now. I love the freedom to do whatever I feel like without worrying about how it turns out. That actually helps, I think :)

  33. Ann says:

    Count me in. The colors look good enough to eat!

  34. This year I have learned how to make my own art journals which I use often. I work with oil paints and next year I want to broaden out to watercolor and acrylics. Thanks for the chance to win a very nice prize.

  35. Valerie says:

    My journey into the creative world has been rough to say the least. A good friend introduced me to beading and I thought great, I will love this as I love beads; made a few projects bought a LOT of beads, books and several magazines then realized it really wasn’t what my heart was looking for. I then took a wild ride, buying supplies, magazines and books for all sorts of different crafts, (I kept buying different Stampington publications to try different crafts). I have enough stuff that I could pave I-40 from Albuquerque to Flagstaff and back again (or open a pop up shop) and I still didn’t know what it was that I was searching for, I just knew that I love doing things creative and I had to try and find my true self. Ahhh but then I found 2 things that I truly have fallen in love with. I picked up my first Art Doll Quarterly Aug/Sep/Oct2011 and fell in love with Scott Smith and his wonderful creations. I’m now working on learning the craft and enjoying every minute. I also had to make some kit’s for our Tribe meeting on Dec 6 so I went back to my Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2010 to re-read and mimic the Breathless Adorned Aubergine Tags. This made me realize that I love paper art. My wonderful husband purchased a journal for me a few months ago and now I know what to do with it. Thank you again Stampington for helping me realize what has been missing in my creative soul. (sorry so long)

  36. Linda Beckert says:

    Always looking for new inspiration, would love to win these beautiful chipboard designs!

  37. Barbara Tobey says:

    Chipboard is always fun to use and even better when it is free.

  38. What a wonderful giveaway!! Love Julie’s girls & LOVE chipboard :) Perfect!!!

  39. Molly A. says:

    This year I took two online art classes from two of my favorite artists. I have been amazed how much it helped me progress in my own work and how inspired I’ve been ever since. I look forward to taking more classes next year and taking more risks (and steps forward) with my own work!

  40. Diana F. says:

    The chipboard designs gives me a new avenue in which to create new material for my journal. I’m anxious to try it! Thanks for coming up with this new challenge.

  41. Susan Batson says:

    I love chipboard and all of Julie’s designs. This would be an awesome prize!

  42. What fun it would be to win some of Julie Nutting’s designs. And I know my mailman will be so excited to deliver them. Thanks for the fun

  43. Eileen says:

    I’d love to win. Thanks so much.

  44. Beth Figiel says:

    As a child I never wrote in a diary. Always was embarrassed to see my messy hand writing & misspelled words. Now, Older & more forgiving of self… I STILL would NOT want to keep a diary. However an Artistic Diary, aka an ART Journey Journal would be cool to do.
    Sending my name to be put in the hat! Thanks.

  45. Lura Brown says:

    i just love jullie and her designs would love to win, thank you so much for the opportunity. xoxo

  46. Deb Brown says:

    Would love to win! Happy Crafting!

  47. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Love love love Julie’s designs and am looking forward to CREATING more in the new year!

  48. Cheryl Johnson says:

    This year, my art journey has been filled with fun adventures, using my gelli plate for creating handmade cards for friends and family, along with making beautiful journal pages. In 2014, I hope to be be the winner of Julie’s die cuts to use in future explorations, using my gelli plate. Good luck to all of us who have entered this wonderful giveaway.

  49. Jolyn Stephens says:

    Awesome! There are so many creative things that can be done with chipboard.

  50. Kay says:

    I fell in love with Julie’s book, “Collage Couture,” and was thrilled when her rubber stamps were available. I’ve never outgrown my fondness for paper dolls and see myself creating with these for years to come, along with my little granddaughter!

  51. Julie Burger says:

    My greatest creative adventure so far is ART JOURNALING. That’s it! I’ve always wanted to art journal and could never actually figure out how to start. I took an online class this summer and I now have several art journals in progress. Imagine! Me, journaling!! ***Happy Dance***

  52. Maureen says:

    Wow I would love to win some of Julie’s designs. What a great inspiration it would be!

  53. Elizabeth Colville says:

    This year is going to be big! In addition to starting a blog, I may get a booth at a local flea market, AND I’m participating in LifeBook 2014, on I’m so excited!

  54. Gail Klein says:

    Love to try new things and this would be a really fun thing to play with!

  55. Sandra Hughes says:

    I have just recently discovered Julie’s designs and I fell in love with them! Very different.

  56. linda g says:

    I love the saying and artwork ….I’m turning my “storage room” into a craft room that will inspire me instead of feeling overwhelmed and claustrophobic. I feel like I’m starting out on a great adventure! I’ll have wall space now to do my version of it!!!!!

  57. Carol b says:

    I did pick up the paintbrush this year and played with different techniques for canvas and card backgrounds. In 2014, I hope to do more with multi-media collages.
    Carol b

  58. Lucie Hale says:

    My greatest creative adventure thus far is the completion of my 2013 December Daily, BEFORE December actually begins!!! I am ready to record my life for the next hectic few weeks!!!

  59. sue schultz says:

    Julie’s art is so inspiring. I would love to win any of her fabulous products. My greatest adventure thus far is being able to paint a face. I have been working so hard all year to get closer to creating some whimsical girls and have taken the first steps to achieve my goal.

  60. Alice says:

    Lovely and a great inspiration. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  61. Deanne says:

    These are way cool….so many ways to use them.

  62. Cat says:

    Sorry, I am not familiar with Julie’s work but from what I have read in the above comments, it sounds like I definitely want to know more about her! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Deb Prewitt says:

    I’d love to have some of these. Fabulous giveaway.

  64. tina zappone says:

    Lately, I have finally reached a place where the inner critic doesn’t stop me in my tracks and I actually just enjoy the creating.

  65. Carmen Lucero says:

    I have four journals I have created in the last three years and two are blank. I just cannot get myself going. I took a sketching class and it got me going, but now that is done, nada… Maybe taking another class will inspire me to just jump in and do it! Thanks for the chance to win Julie’s chip board!

    Carmen L

  66. Lisa M says:

    I only recently mustered the courage to actually paint in my art journal; until then, it was mostly collage and some stamping. Paint is SO MUCH FUN! I should have picked up my brush years ago.

  67. Lori D. says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these goodies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  68. Johanna says:

    I just moved and for the first time I have a place to put my supplies and I can actually create right there! It is so nice not to have to haul my art supplies to and from the dining room table. Plus, I can actually leave unfinished or wet projects out. I have been itching to create more than ever. Julie ‘s amazing art would be so inspiring. I am excited to see what the new year holds for me artistically. Thanks so much for the chance to win. :)

  69. Deborah Ellen Hopkins says:

    I just got new journal and would love to add Julies things to it. I am new to all this but love learning. Thanks for chance to win !

  70. judy h. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of Julie’s special treasures. I love her work! I’m on a hunt for a small nightstand size chest of drawers. I want to decoupage every square inch of the dresser with all things small and beautiful to me. I’ll want a glass top and then fill the drawers
    with all of my beautiful pens, pencils, decorative paper. bits of inspiration, journals, notes, stamps and saved letters.

  71. Eileen says:

    My greatest adventure so far this year was being spontaneous & taking an art journaling class in another state by an artist I’ve followed for years. It was fabulous!

    I have several of Julie’s stamps & have enjoyed working some of the projects in her book. It’s so much fun!

  72. Candy says:

    By far the highlight of my creative year was having one of my assemblages published in the Autumn issue of Somerset Studios! Mine was the distressed and repurposed book, with a skeleton lurking inside. In October I included it in a Halloween show in Berkeley, and it was sold. Success story! ;-)

  73. Becky says:

    What a Wonderful gift this would make!

  74. cindy lynch says:

    What a lovely gift package! And, a great way to start 2014!

  75. sherry butcher says:

    Wonderful products! I need items like this but can not afford to buy them, it would be Christmas to win. TFS.

  76. Kelly Aubert says:

    I love art journaling. A place to play and get lost in your thoughts. You can keep it to yourself or show it off to your friends. It is so perfect!! :)

  77. Lancia Lee says:

    Cool fashion art pieces that I’d love to have. :)

  78. Connie Permenter says:

    Amazing artist ! Love Julie’s style. An awsome Giveaway.

  79. Robin Redd says:

    These seem like great starting points for a lovely project!

    ~Robin Redd

  80. Erika says:

    My greatest creative adventure thus far has been a giant abstract painting that I am really proud of… Next year I am hoping to tackle redoing some furniture… I love trying all angles of creativity!

  81. Bonnie Heggemann says:

    I have just started and art journal and am loving it, Julie’s gift package would be a wonderful inspiration and look great in my journal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. Carla Bange says:

    Don’t you just love Julie Nutting’s chipboard girls? I have a couple of mixed media canvases on sale in Carla’s Craft etsy shop with Julie’s chipboard girls as the key elements. Love them!

  83. Jackie says:

    I am a huge fan Julie- I love your art!

  84. Maria Dingman says:

    My greatest creative adventure hasn’t been one single event, but rather a contagious daily evolution that started when I picked up my first Somerset Studio magazine, a couple years ago! I had always been a crafter and a daily journaler! but for years I collected old emphera, books, ledgers,and unique papers, but I didn’t know why or what to do with it! When I looked through that first issue, I felt like an awakening happened in my soul! I haven’t missed a subscription since!

  85. I created my very first canvas recently and was thrilled with the result … and then to have people comment on how lovely it was just made me smile out loud!

  86. Janet Gray says:

    I love Julie Nutting! I would really love to be the winner!!

  87. Laura Strack says:

    I love Julie Nutting so very much! Her doll stamps have provided me with so much fun that I get giddy just thinking about new products that she will be releasing! Whoohoo! Julie’s chipboard designs will be a darling way to embellish a canvas. I can’t wait to play with them and there is 12 different ones?! Fabulous.

  88. linda g says:

    What a creative jumpstart this prize would be for my new craft room…It needs some cool artwork!

  89. Juliana Hall says:

    This is great! Thank you!

  90. Nicole D says:

    Oh wow, I can’t get enough Mixed Media supplies. These look great!!!

  91. Stephanie Worrell says:

    Wow, love that female form! I’m not familiar with Julie Nutting Designs, but look forward to using pieces like this in my 2014 Redstone Social Diary, along with my various journals. A couple of years ago I had my first Redstone Diary (the editors change the subject focus every year!) and I became obsessed with making the pages mine. At times I wanted to cover an unpleasant image or use my design play to complement what was already there. Most of the pages in my 2012 weekly diary, are filled with something highlighted, pasted, stapled, quoted, glitter-glued or otherwise embellished. Sometimes I experimented, sometimes I played it safe, always to fun and interesting effect. A great exercise.
    My self-expression in writing, whether in my journals or my old-school stationery, has become more colorful, sticker-y, outside the line/margins. I have no real skill with drawing, but I’ve discovered that drawing shapes is really meaningful to me.
    The risks I take in my art absolutely reflect the degree of risk I’m willing to be involved in relationally, which speaks volumes. I suppose, though, that being fully me leads to noticing the sacred, first; wherever I risk to find it and express it. Life is an incredible exploration and expression of Love, being in the present, alone and gladly with another. Hmmm, I’ll take this to develop it for a blog post. As God as my witness,, ~An Exploration of the Divine~ will open to the public This Year! Thanks for so many, many creative Ideas,
    May each reader be saturated with the experience of the Divine in the New Year! ~~ S.

  92. I am moving away from scrapbooking and leaning in to mixed media next year. I am excited about the imperfection and the immense challenge of learning so many new ways of doing art. Mixed media purposefully moves you out of your place of comfort and THAT is the greatest adventure I hope to be taking in 2014.

  93. peggy gatto says:

    Well, what fun!!!!

  94. You’ve got a gift when it comes to writing.

    Brilliant write-up.

  95. Love Julie Nutting’s designs. Would be honored to win!

  96. Mary Kaifer says:

    I am just starting to make a journal and would LOVE to win this!

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Artful Blogging 2014

Whether you have discovered a new sense of freedom as you art journal or you’re still waiting to pick up the paint brush, we want to know what your greatest creative adventure has been thus far or what it will be in 2014.

Comment below and we’ll randomly pick one winner to receive a package of twelve Julie Nutting Chipboard Designs to help you on your next creative adventure.

[This giveaway has ended.]

Julie Nutting blog

Julie Nutting chipboard designs are perfect to use in paper crafting projects, add to your art journal, or adhere in beautiful greeting cards.


 Artwork by Mary Wangerin, Artful Blogging 2014
 *Contest open to residents of the U.S. only and expires December 30th, 2013